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Long Distance Call

Several years ago our daughter, Karen, married a young man who was in the navy. He was stationed in San Diego and soon to go out on a six-month voyage. On her way home from taking him to the ship, she stopped at a convenience store to get a few things. Her car would not start when she was ready to leave. It was going to be dark soon.

Not knowing what to do, she called home to talk to her dad who was two thousand miles away in Indiana. He told her a few things to look for, like loose wires, but it might be the battery was dead. How we wanted to be there with her to take care of things and get her home safely! About all we could do was pray and wait to hear from her again.

When Karen did call back, she was back at their apartment. While she had the hood up and was trying to figure out what was wrong, a man asked if she needed any help. He was a retired mechanic who just happened to be walking by the store. He looked it over and said it probably needed a new battery and offered to take her to a store so she could buy one.

She was a little afraid to get in a car with a stranger, but she did. The man took her to the store, brought her back and even installed the battery for her.

How thankful we were to know that even when our children are far away from us, they are never out of God's care.

Paul and Donna Fordham

I was in the elevator descending to the lobby at Parkview Hospital in Fort Wayne. Another lady, who was a member of our North Scipio Church was also in the elevator.

I asked her if she could take over the music for our Vacation Bible School which was already in progress.

Our daughter, who was the church pianist, had been severly scalded in a canning accident a few days earlier.

The lady replied that she would be able to help.

I thanked her and also said I was praying that my daughter wouldn't hurt so much.

As I stepped out of the elevator, the lady declared, "All right, we will agree together with the Lord, that she won't hurt as much."

Upon returning home, I stopped at my daughter's home and told her that we had prayed for her while at the hospital.

She asked, "What time was that, Mom?"

When I replied, "About 8:30."

Donna answered, "That's when the pain stopped."

Our God is an awesome God. -- Matthew 18:19-20